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Bally's Park Place, Atlantic City, NJ. Chip Listing
November 1978 through January 1979 Ballys demolishes the Marlborough Blenheim, and quickly clears the land to begin building it's Park Place Casino. On December 30, 1979 the NJCCC granted Bally's a temporary license for its Park Place casino. The casino opens with the newly renovated Dennis serving as the hotel. 1989 Ballys adds a 750 room hotel tower. In 1994, Bally's Manufacturing Corporation spun off its casino operations, including Bally's Atlantic City, Bally's Las Vegas and Bally's Reno. In 1996, Hilton Hotels purchased Bally's Entertainment, which included Bally's Park Place, in a leveraged buyout. On July 2, 1997, the Wild Wild West Casino opens. In 1998, Bally's Park Place became part of Park Place Entertainment after Hilton divested itself of its gaming operations. In 2000, Bally's Park Place became Bally's Atlantic City. in 2003, Bally's buys the adjacent Claridge Hotel and Casino, renaming it the Claridge Tower at Ballys Atlantic City. In 2004, Park Place Entertainment (parent company of Bally's Atlantic City) changed its company name to Caesars Entertainment and changed its ticker symbol from PPE to CZR. In 2005, Bally's Atlantic City was purchased by Harrah's Entertainment as part of a multi-billon dollar leveraged buyout of Caesars Entertainment. At the end of 2005 Gary Loveman, the Chairman and CEO of Harrah's Entertainment, announced plans to rebrand the Bally's Atlantic City and Las Vegas properties either to the Horseshoe or the Rio brands. The exact timeline of this rebranding still has yet to be announced now that Harrahs is to be sold. .......Bally's Atlantic City Park Place & The Boardwalk Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Main: 609-340-2000 Fax: 609-340-2595 Website: )
Click For Pic Description Value Price Condition
BPP-1a $1 Park Place all Park Place chips see Park Place section $1.00    Not For Sale      Slight Use
BPP-1c $1 Ballys Park Place 4th issue $1.00    $9.99      Uncirculated
BPP-1c $1 Park Place 4th issue AU $1.00    $4.99      Almost Uncirculated
BPP-1d $1 Ballys $1.00    $4.99      Uncirculated
BPP-shoe $1 Ballys Park Place Shoe Chip $1.00    $79.99      Almost Uncirculated
BPP-2.5b $2.50 Bally $2.50    $14.99      Uncirculated
BPP-2.5b $2.50 Bally $2.50    $9.99      Almost Uncirculated
BPP-5c $5 Ballys Park Place Frankie Valli $5.00    $9.99      Uncirculated
BPP-5e $5 Ballys Park Place Willie Mays 1979 Baseball Hall of Fame $5.00    $9.99      Almost Uncirculated
BPP-5e,f,g,h $5 Ballys Willie Mays HOF Set $5.00    $39.99      Almost Uncirculated
BPP-5g $5 Ballys Park Place Willie Mays 1955-62-64-65 Home Run Champ $5.00    $9.99      Almost Uncirculated
BPP-5i $5 Ballys Park Place Willie Mays 1954 The Catch $5.00    $9.99      Almost Uncirculated
BPP-5j $5 Bally $5.00    $12.99      Almost Uncirculated
BPP-5j $5 Bally's Park Place Obsolete $5.00    $9.99      Circulated
BPP-5j $5 Ballys Park Place Short Run $5.00    $19.99      Uncirculated
BPP-5k $5 Ballys House chip $5.00    $9.99      Uncirculated
BPP-5l $5 Ballys Celebrating 25 years $5.00    $9.99      Uncirculated
BPP-5m $5 Ballys Chinese New Year of the Pig 2007 $5.00    $9.99      Uncirculated
BPP-5n $5 Ballys Year of the Rat 2008 $5.00    $9.99      Uncirculated
BPP-10 $10 Ballys Park Place Wild Wild West Grand Opening 1997 $10.00    $14.99      Uncirculated
BPP-10c $10 Ballys Park Place Millienniun 20 Year Anniversary $10.00    $14.99      Uncirculated
BPP-25 Dark Center $25 Ballys Park Place 1st Issue $25.00    $89.99      Circulated
BPP-25b $25 Ballys Park Place 3rd issue UNC $25.00    $99.99      Uncirculated
BPP-25c $25 Ballys 4th issue $25.00    $39.99      Almost Uncirculated
BPP-25c $25 Ballys 4th issue UNC $25.00    $44.99      Uncirculated
BPP-25e Bally $25.00    $39.99      Uncirculated
BPP-25f $25 Ballys Chinese New Year of the Pig 2007 $25.00    $39.99      Uncirculated
BPP-25g $25 Ballys Year of the Rat 2008 $25.00    $39.99      Uncirculated
BPP-100b $100 Ballys Park Place $100.00    $199.99      Almost Uncirculated
BPP-100b $100 Ballys Park Place 3rd issue $100.00    $249.99      Uncirculated
BPP-100c $100 Ballys 4th issue $100.00    $199.99      Circulated
BPP-100e $100 Ballys New issue 7/8/09 $100.00    $149.99      Uncirculated